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Our Mission

Empowering Investor Success

We work with your financial advisor to put your needs front and center — where they belong.

About Us

Morningstar's Investment Management Group grows out of the mission to help people reach their financial goals started at Morningstar, Inc. nearly four decades ago. We work with your financial advisor to provide managed portfolios to put your needs front and center—where they belong. "Investors First" is first among our seven investment principles; we strive to minimize costs, invest simply using a time-tested approach, and help you stay focused on your goals.

Built on a Robust Foundation

Deep Data and Research Capability

Our investigations into investments begin with the research, data, and tools from Morningstar, Inc. and its subsidiaries, a global leading provider of independent investment research.

Focused on Behavior

Making Decisions Based on Evidence, Not Emotions

Behavioral biases like loss aversion can derail long-term plans; that's why our decisions are made on evidence-based analysis.

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Driven by Valuation

A Meticulous Search for Value

Applying a disciplined, fundamental approach to identify investments that may be selling for less than what they're worth can produce consistent, long-term results.

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Investment Principles

A Principled Approach

We are truly independent. We choose investments based on merit alone, and seek to act in the best interests of investors in everything we do.

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Navigate markets with our investment insights.

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